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Foreign Language Education Center

Tzu Chi University Foreign Language Education Center

The purpose of Foreign Language Education Center is to create an international campus, improve student's professional foreign language skills, and implement foreign language learning in their lives to enhance student's international competitiveness.

The Center has four goals:

1. Improve and plan foreign language education curriculum.

2. Creating a friendly environment to motivate and facilitate student's interest and ability in learning foreign languages.

3. Hosting standardized proficiency tests, such as GEPT, TOEIC, TOFEL and IETLS, in cooperation with international testing institutions to enrich the language verification resources in the school.

4. Provide scholarships to encourage students to obtain language professional licenses to increase their future competitiveness.

【Sticky 】

Foreign Language Education Center office hours 

Hello! Everyone! Due to school policy, the English Education Center has been officially renamed "Foreign Language Education Center " since the first semester of 2020 academic year and moved to the office of 2D107 International College on the Jiren campus. 

In order to serve the students in the main school, the original office C504 is still open. The picture on the right shows the opening hours of the two campuses of the Foreign Language Education Center . If you have any questions, please call:
Office C504, Main Campus : 03-8565301 #5571
Office 2D107, Jieren Campus: 03-8572677#3031

In a blink of an eye, 2020 is coming to an end. Do you have any plans for the end of this year? If there is no arrangement for Christmas this year, welcome to listen to the historical stories of the famous Christmas drinks wassail and eggnog that have been popular in the 13th century!


Tzu Chi University Foreign Language Education Center

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